What type of massage is Green Harbor's "Wellness Massage"???

Wellness massage here, is just that...for your wellness / well-being.  Sessions here are 100% customized to your needs and goals (chronic pain relief, stress and anxiety relief, and even "just because").  Green Harbor Massage is also an evidence-informed practice...meaning I combine your story, my knowledge, and current scientific research to work with you on the best options for your massage session.   

What about Hot Stones?

Well....It's definitely NOT like you see in stock photos (ya know...head cranked to the side...stones laying directly on the spine on bare skin..) Sorry!  Just kidding, I'm not sorry, those hot stone massages look painful.   The only time stones should make direct contact with your skin is if they are moving. Placement stones, or static stones should always have something between them and your skin.  Hot Stone massages at Green Harbor are just like a Wellness Massage, only stones are used as targeted heat treatment.   Your muscles will be warmed up with massage and then the heat from the stones is slowly introduced from my hands (I hold the stones, then the heat transfers to my hands, then to you...so no surprises).  After that, I use them in place of hands, and anywhere that needs extra static heat, will have a towel down THEN the stone.  Avoiding burns is important, mmmkay.  Just because it isn't as glamorous as the generic and incorrect stock photos are...doesn't mean it isn't effective, plus your neck wont hurt after. 

What you wont find during your Wellness Massage:   

1. Extreme Deep Tissue.  If you enjoy feeling like you were just beat up...this is not the place.  I do not participate in "No Pain, No Gain" (but can totally recommend someone who will).  If you can never seem to find someone who has enough pressure...I can refer you to someone (I am not that therapist).  My "Deep Tissue" is all about deeper layers...not more pressure.  Deep layers can absolutely be reached without a ton of pressure or pain. 

2. Judgement. For any reason. Green Harbor Massage is a safe place. Forgot to shave?? (or just don't) Come on in.  Worried about wrinkles, rolls, scars, and weight??  Come on in. 

3. Dirty Blankets.  Every "body" (sorry...had to, lol) gets clean linens AND a clean blanket on a disinfected table.  Everything is cleaned between patients/clients (chairs, tables, my desk, the bathroom...you get the point)

4. Cancelation Fees.  You will not be charged for having to cancel your appointment.  I completely understand that sometimes...life happens...and there isn't anything we can do most times.  No need to be charged and punished for those times as well.  (At this point in time, I don't even require a credit card to book any appointments, and I do not store card info)

Wellness Massage here, is all about you.  Your are unique...so your massage should be too. 

- Jamie, LMT