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Where did the Gift Certificates go? (and why massages don't always make the best surprise gifts)

Looking online for gift certificates? I had to make a choice that will work out better long term. Hear me out.. I took them off of the website. But why? Because I like people to use their gift certificates, and not sit on them. Understanding that it's not my choice nor is it any of my business to make people book their appointments as soon as they get a gift certificate (even though doing that will make it less likely that you will forget you have it.. the best time for a massage is when you don't have time). Missouri has rules on gift certificates as well. They can never expire, and after 5 years, the money from that gift certificate is to be returned to the state, which means, unless you do the little "does the state own me money" search thing... it's pretty much gone. I don't want to have to send your money to the abyss.

So why would a massage therapist say that massages don't always make the best gifts? I said what I said. Because it's true! If you want to gift someone a massage.. be sure they are even okay with it. Are they okay with going to a random place (maybe they get massages, but prefer their specific therapist)? There are quite a few people that just don't care for it (and that's totally okay), or they feel they have to prepare for it, by shaving, etc, even though we don't care about hair or any other thing that is a normal part of a human body. Side Note: please do not book a massage for your person and not tell them until you arrive at the appointment.. that can set them up to be extremely uncomfortable if they are are preparer.

Due to those reasons, gift certificates are not available online any longer. They are still available, to pick up at the studio, however, I will limit them to current clients for now (since they for sure use them).

Alternative: Have them book the appointment on their terms (and using their own information... please don't book an appointment for someone and fill it in with your name / date of birth / phone number.), and you can pay for it after they schedule (and don't pressure them.. that can make it weird for some people). It's not a big deal to send you an invoice after they book, and before their appointment time.

Lastly.... If you have a gift certificate... USE IT

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