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New changes are almost here!

To say this year (and it's only February) has been wild is an understatement. I'm making some adjustments to the scheduling and open hours to make it easier on myself and my kids. Last year, I let the studio completely take over my life, and now it's time to pay up. My elbows and arthritis can not keep up with the current work load, and kids are only kids once, so time to cut it back. Starting March 15th, Wednesdays will be dropped as an option for massages. Don't worry though! Wednesdays are now a day where you can walk in and browse our awesome wellness / self-care selection. This option allows me to let my kids have a day at the studio as well (my youngest absolutely loves it here). Massages are going to head towards the back burner (wasn't gifted the best joints / bones / etc from my mom, lol, thanks), and the studio's main focus will be synthetic-free wellness for men, women, kids, all.

New things that will be coming... ordering online, and picking up in studio. Yay! We're going hybrid with our products. That date is TBD, but sooner than later. We are also adding our own custom blends of oils, lotions, roll-ons, as well as making it possible for you to create your own custom blend.

I am greatly appreciative to everyone who has been with us for the almost two years that we have been brick and mortar (2 years in April), and especially to those who have been with me from the start, 5 years ago. Just know that I am not quitting or closing the studio, just adjusting the schedules and giving up a day of massages. Thank you !!! (And remember to keep moving)

-Jamie, LMT

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