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Long time no post, Sorry!

I know it has been a while and just crickets here, but I have a moment to somewhat catch you up on what is going on. Also, I hope you (who ever is reading this) is doing awesome! So, clearly I'm not taking new clients at this time (hopefully I can get to a spot and open that up again. Partially because the schedule is full and partially because I am working through tendinitis in both elbows and apparently arthritis in my hands... which doesn't bother me to the extent that my elbows do. My doctor and I have a plan and that is being implemented with good results. In the mean time, Waffles the studio dog, has had knee surgery and is scheduled for a second round because he is a squirrelly turd. Other than that, the studio is going through a small re-brand to encompass all the other wellness things that we have to offer. Oh! Cool news... cupping is now available, and I am finishing up a reflexology course. Last class for that is next Tuesday, Yay! A three day course doesn't make me a reflexologist, but I will have some techniques to add to the tool box.

The studio is mostly decked out for the Yule season, and there is hot cocoa available if you decide to stop by. We've added some more synthetic & chemical free wellness tools for you, and are trying to make room for some other additions (I really want a cushy, non-fabric, chair for the front of the studio. That way if you come here with someone, they can chill and watch TV during your session), but first... create the space.

So for now that is it. Just a quick update on what's going on here. I'll continue changing the studio over to the new version (Green Harbor Studio instead of Green Harbor Massage... see... small re-brand) and finish that before the end of the year. As always if you have any questions, don't hesitate to reach out and hopefully I can get on a schedule of putting out updates and finish some part twos of a couple blog posts.

Stay safe this winter and remember to keep moving!

-Jamie, LMT

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