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Hi there!

I'm so excited to be opening an office in Knob Noster soon! (Just a few more tiny steps). An introduction: I'm Jamie! A nerd of a massage therapist that enjoys helping people feel better and geocaching on the side. I've been providing mobile massage and working with One Body Massage Therapy in Warrensburg for the past four years (and still do). Anyway, you can read more about me on the home page of the website.

About the new office... Green Harbor Massage is the small building behind Grumpy's Cafe (the long standing Time for Tea before that). It's a safe space, a Harbor, if you will, and judgement free zone. Aaand.. it's full of plants. Well..working towards that goal, hence the Green part of the name.

I just wanted to say "Hi!" and I'm glad you stopped by. Looking forward to meeting you & working with you.

~ Jamie, LMT

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