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Today was the day! Got a call from the Missouri Board inspector and was asked to be at the office in 1.5 hours. Inspection passed with zero violations (of course, lol). My "Massage Establishment" license number should be live on the therapeutic board website tomorrow after 12:01am. Even knowing I didn't have any violations (no dirty linens next to clean...clean sheets and blankets for EVERY person, proper forms, basically not being gross and being sure I'm properly licensed, etc 🤣), it was still an anxiety ramping process. The inspector was to the point and OCD, which I totally appreciated. Anyway! Schedule is open! So book a session.

**If you haven't taken advantage of the Pre-Opening Voucher, I suggest you do.... it will go away on April 10th @10pm**

Hope you have a great rest of your day!! - Jamie, LMT

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