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Communicating With Your Therapist

Updated: Dec 20, 2021

Those of you who have already worked with me know that I am big on communicating your needs. It's very important. Don't be afraid to communicate and advocate for yourself, no matter where you are getting your massage. Is your therapist using too much pressure for you?? Speak up. If you speak up and they continue to use too much pressure.. guess what you are absolutely allowed to do?! You're allowed to advocate for yourself and tell them the session is over.. Not enough pressure?? Speak up (in this case, if they tell you that's all they've got, try to be respectful and choose someone else, who's more in line with your pressure preferences next time, but you are also allowed to say this isn't what you were looking for and end the session). If you choose to end your session because it isn't what you were expecting.. please know that some therapists may still charge for the session. If a therapist is invading too much of your space?? As in.. too close for comfort to what ever area?? Definitely speak up. We aren't mind readers! least I'm not.

Do you have specific goals and / or expectations for your session? Bring them up before hand if possible. If you are going to a chain spa, where you have no idea which therapist you will get, try to be as clear as possible when booking your appointment. The front desk can do their best to match you with an appropriate therapist for your needs.

If you ever feel uncomfortable, physically hurt, other inappropriate things.. please, please, please do your self and us non-creepy therapists a favor and get out! Do not hesitate to say you're done and get off the table. If someone is making you feel so uncomfortable that you feel you need another body in the room... LEAVE IMMEDIATELY!! There is no rule that says you have to stick it out. Plus it will leave you with trauma where peace and healing was supposed to be (and most likely make you hesitate to get another massage) If someone is being inappropriate or touching areas that are not to be touched, get out, report them asap.

Communicating your goals and expectations can mean the difference between an awesome session and a bummer experience. If you are wanting to relax, don't choose someone who is advertising only sports and deep tissue without talking to them first (deep tissue is highly subjective). Same time.. if you prefer super deep tissue, don't choose someone who is advertising lighter touch. Also, if you just want to relax and not have any specific areas or goals, say so, that way your therapists isn't trying to "fix" things when you just want to zone out.

All in all, your therapist will appreciate you being clear in what your goals and expectations are. It makes it easier on us. Also, when you don't speak up, not only are you cheating yourself, you are cheating the therapist. Most times a simple " hey, can you please _____ (insert whatever increase, decrease, avoid, etc.)" will fix most issues that come up. When you don't speak up, we wont know to adjust anything... and that makes it really weird.. Don't make it weird for us!!

Anyway! I hope you were able to keep up with my ADHD ramble, and remember to not be afraid to advocate for your wellbeing.

Keep moving,

- Jamie, LMT

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