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Booking Software Switch!

Heads up that the booking software that you see online is different now. I tried to give a heads up and merge everything slowly, but then my brain freaked out over seeing the unfinished software switch and well... it's all changed now. New software will give us more capabilities, superbills for insurance, and all the things. However, it will prompt you to create an account to book an appointment online (so that you can manage all of your appointments, forms, etc). If you don't want to make an account online, you can still 1000% call or text me for an appointment. I'm not going to make you create a login if you don't want to. With that, if you are booking online and run into any problems, please - please let me know.

In case you are wondering why a switch... it's because the other software was doing a pretty huge price increase, so if I'm going to pay, I'm going pay for something that has ALL THE OPTIONS.

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