Adventure Skin Care Review

I tried the Adventure Skin Care Deodorant from Apothecary Muse! There are three to choose from: Gentle, Everyday, and Advanced (spoiler: they're all awesome)

I tested Trail Blazer, the everyday variety (and love it). If you don't like discussing arm pits, go ahead and maybe stop reading now.

I've used a couple different brands and those particular ones all had one thing in common. They all felt like they were going to rip my arm pit skin off just from putting it on. Why did they make it that difficult to apply? If you've tried some of those... you know what I'm talking about, lol, it hurts, not cool. The other part of those that I wasn't fond of, was how long those lasted. They smelled pretty good, and but only for a very short while. I wasn't expecting them to last 48 hours or anything, but maybe more than 3-4 hours. (*I'm not referring to antiperspirant deodorants.. those, to me, are not good for people. I get that no one wants to sweat, but your body is pushing it out for a reason, not so it can be trapped under skin with pore clogging chemicals*).

Okay! So now how did it go with Trail Bl