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There are a lot of questions that people have when visiting a new Massage Therapist. Find some of the most common questions people have below. If something is still unclear, don’t hesitate to get in touch.


Yes and no:  Social distancing and massage don't work well together, so yes, masks are required for massage / stretching sessions due to the close proximity at an extended time.  Masks aren't worn for any time spent face down on the massage table as there is a single use pocket under the face rest that conveniently holds any aromatherapy you would like, and masks face down are extremely uncomfortable (suffocation is bad mmkay)

For quick trips in the front of the studio, like shopping self-care supplies, buying a gift certificate, or making an appointment, masks are NOT required.  The studio runs an air cleaner 24/7 and has enough disinfectant to create a small to medium sized explosion...  However, if you are not feeling well in any way, we ask that you wait until you are 100% before coming in as Jamie does have high risk family, friends, and clients.    


Expect a welcoming, judgement free zone! Green Harbor Massage is a safe place.  Please show up 10-15 minutes before your first appointment to fill out your health forms and discuss your goals.  We will go over your health intake form together and create a plan for your massage.  You are totally encouraged to ask questions along the way.  (Even if your goal is just to relax, that's therapeutic too! Don't knock the power of relaxation)  

Some quick points on massages here:

- We adhere to ethics and boundaries here. 

-You do NOT have to undress past your 

 comfort level. (if that means keeping all  clothing on, then keep all clothing on.)

-You will never be "exposed".  There is a  sheet and a blanket to be under.


There isn't really any "preparing" that is needed.  This is a place for you to connect to yourself and check out from the routine.  Some people wear comfy clothes or bring a change of clothes if they have somewhere else to go after.  You could write down any questions that you might have, so you don't forget to ask any.  Please don't make a big deal if you didn't/don't shave.  Professional massage therapists couldn't care less.  The only prep that a person might do is rinse off in a shower if they are coming from the gym, or outside work.  You don't want sweat, dirt, etc. massaged back into your skin.  Prepare to relax in a safe space.  That's it! 


Skip the tip! We feel that the price listed is the price you pay, and doing calculations to add a tip is not relaxing.  Just enjoy your massage without the extra math.  

 If you are wanting to show how much you enjoyed your session, here are a few alternative, and socially good, things you can do:

book your next appointment before you leave, refer a friend, or buy them a gift certificate.  You can even help Green Harbor Massage plant trees! When you leave a review on Google, a tree is planted in your name (there is even a certificate with your name, if you would like, for planting a tree).  


Sessions here are 100% customized to your needs and goals (pain relief, stress and anxiety relief, and even "just because").  Green Harbor Massage works with you to create the best options for your massage (Classic/Swedish massage, Neuromuscular, Myofascial, Stretching, Movement, Hot Stones, and / or any combination).  Since one type of massage isn't the end all be all, and everyone is so unique, we ditched the standard labels and gave it one name.   

Communication is key!  Patients and clients are totally encouraged to speak up for themselves and advocate for their needs.  


It's definitely not like you see in common stock photos: candles by your hair, head turned to the side, stones sitting directly on the skin.  Green Harbor Massage is a huge advocate for client safety.  Avoiding burns is important, mmmkay. The only time stones make contact with your skin directly is if they are moving.  Static/Still stones will have a barrier between them and your skin, like a towel.  Just because it isn't as glamorous as the generic stock photos... doesn't mean it isn't effective, targeted heat treatment (plus your neck wont hurt after).


1. Extreme Deep Tissue.  If you enjoy feeling like you were just beat up...this is not the place.  Green Harbor Massage does not participate in "No Pain, No Gain" (but we can totally recommend someone who will).  If you can never seem to find someone who has enough pressure... let us know (Jamie is not that therapist).  Her "Deep Tissue" is all about deeper layers.. .not more pressure.  Deep layers can absolutely be reached without a ton of pressure or pain. Pain free deep tissue is possible!
2. Judgement. For any reason. Green Harbor Massage is a safe place.  Forgot to shave?? (or just don't) Come on in.  Worried about wrinkles, rolls, scars, and weight??  Come on in. 
3. Dirty Blankets.  Everybody gets clean linens AND a clean blanket on a disinfected table.  Everything is cleaned between patients/clients (chairs, tables, door knobs, changing area)
4. Cancelation Fees.  You will not be charged for having to cancel your appointment.  Here, we completely understand that sometimes life happens and there isn't anything we can do most times.  No need to be charged and punished for those times as well.  Repeat cancelations may be asked to prepay, and no call / no shows may be blocked from booking and have to find another therapist.  

5.  Credit cards on file.  At this time, Green Harbor Massage doesn't even require a credit card to book online, nor do we save credit card info.  

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